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Our team consists of dedicated, highly focused and experienced veterinarians, in the areas of veterinary anesthesiology, neurology and neurosurgery with a group of certified veterinary technicians. Our long-term goal is through extensive use of computerized technology and highly sophisticated imaging equipment such as high-field MRI to improve the animal welfare. We pride ourselves in offering services such as neurosurgeries, advanced anesthesiology and more. Using medical imaging standard – Dicom in networked environment, high-tech computerized record keeping through open source software, we are able to provide competitive pricing, while we minimize our time therefore cost in providing the service. This technology already allows us to communicate using distributed model and having a collaborative approach with a group of veterinarians to review cases, which improves accuracy and redundancy of our diagnosis. Our vision is to through use of technology to fulfill our ambition to bring the cost down and increase affordability and range of services provided for your pets.