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In addition to our High-Field MRI and Multi-Slice CT, we offer multiple other diagnostic machines. We have a digital radiograph machine in house that allows for instant imaging with minimal patient handling, and offers lower exposures than traditional machines. Our imaging software allows us to adjust images and an integral diagnostic tool for our veterinarians.

We are able to run in- house bloodwork tests with our Abaxis blood machines.

The VetScan 2 is a state-of-the-art blood chemistry analyzer that delivers uncompromising accuracy from minimal blood, serum, or plasma. This machine is simple and intuitive, that delivers precise laboratory results in just minutes.

The VetScan HM5 is a fully-automated, five-part hematology analyzer that displays a comprehensive 22-parameter complete blood count. If offers superior performance and minimal maintenance, making it an optimal hematology system for veterinary clinics.
Other Diagnostics